Breakfast at Glenn’s Diner

Glenn’s Diner is situated in sight of the Montrose Brown CTA el station and really you cannot miss it, both visually and in actual fact you really ‘should not’ miss eating here. Midweek the place opens at 11am and even then there were quite a few in for breakfast. I went for the chive and parmesan scrambled eggs (3 of them) with bacon and a side of sausage links, it came with a house potato pancake and an English muffin. I also added a nice cup of earl grey tea. The potato pancake had an interesting taste of chive and feta, I think I liked it but if it had been any larger I may have lost interest. Three eggs was too many though, I did force them down but really should have stopped half way through.

 The three fried eggs were just as big, but at least you can just eat the yolks, after all the white bit should be just left for those that have to have egg white only omelettes, the sausage links are not bad and the bacon was either crunchy or chewy depending on how you wanted it.

I got a toasted english muffin too, smothered in melted butter. I could have eaten a couple more of those.

Glenn’s Diner offers much more than just breakfasts. There is a massive chalk board selection lining both walls I have tried the jambalaya and it was pretty damn good, they also offer a deal of as much cereal as you can eat but sadly there are no extra action figures with each bowl.

Glenn’s Diner has been featured Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive ins and Dives and I can see why


located at 1820 West Montrose Avenue  Chicago, IL 60613-1008, on the 78 bus route and the brown line

Glenn's Diner on Urbanspoon

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