More Marmalade

This place is so good that it was very unlikely that I would not be returning. I was amazed that it took this long. On this occasion it was a rare treat as I had my mother over from the UK and having two great breakfast brunch spots to take her too on my door step is an eating out bonus (Glenn’s diner being the other spot).

Gus was as charming as ever with the “This must be your sister” line, never old always cheesy, but the oldies are always the goodies.

I had to go for the option on the special board. The Omeletta Romano with pancetta, roasted tomato, spinach, sundried tomato, pesto, alongside house potatoes.


Even though it is over a month since I consumed it, I can still remember how flavoursome and tasty it was. It is such a shame that Marmalade closes at 3pm, as I never have enough chances to go there. It is worth playing hooky for though, not that I would dream of contemplating such a thing, cough ‘ahem’. 

My Mother went for the more traditional breakfast from THE YOLK FOLK selection Two Eggs, Any Style Served with Marmalade’s own specially seasoned oven roasted (house) potatoes and toast, together with a side of bacon. It was an excellent choice and if my omelette was not so good I would have been quite jealous.

Please, please, please tell me what the orange slice and pineapple slice are for? They just don’t make it, and end up lonely sitting on the plate with an odd potato and egg stained cutlery. Or they get fished off the plate and tossed to one side with the screwed up napkins. Rant over, this place is still great!

OMG Now that I have finally got around to writing up this blog article I really need to get to Marmalade again. Memories make you hungry


located at 1969 W Montrose St, near the Montrose Brown line el station.

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