Dinkel’s bakery; How to make a grown man happy 101: Make a train set out of cake!

OK so one should really be excited about the food, but this time out Dinkels bakery came through and had a window display of a cake train set. And you know I really want want now, even more than a Lego train set. Boys with their Toys.

Dinkels Bakery just off the Paulina Brown Line, has cakes, a cafe area and more, now OK my heart is still promised to Sweet Sensations at Montrose, but to make a train set out of cake, well that’s tantamount to making Dinkels my mistress (in an 18th century kind of way).

Not only do they have a whole load of really great cup cakes

But they also have some great savoury breakfast items, the Dinkel’s Burglaur I apologise in advance for ‘borrowing’ this photo off their website, but I am also linking it too http://www.dinkels.com/menu/breakfast.php their photos are better than mine, and I have to try one

Dinkels is at 3329 N Lincoln Avenue, about 5 mins walk from the Paulina Brown Line el station

website: http://www.dinkels.com/

Dinkel's Bakery on Urbanspoon

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