Back to the Etno Grill

One of my first blog posts was after a visit to the Etno Grill, when I was advised to return to try one of their burgers. I have since been back twice and have taken that advice, I am just noting that so that you don’t think I scoffed down these two burgers at one visit. But to be honest they are so damn tasty that you probably could be tempted to attempt to do just that.

On these two visits

I went for one of the house specials

The ‘Etno’ burger –  described by themselves as  “features the Q7 Ranch grass fed beef. The pure taste of the beef is cooked to a perfect medium rare and topped with grilled veggies, crispy prosciutto, hungarian pepper, and our made-in-house Etno spread that really sets off the flavor combination. All the toppings are held together by a generous portion of asiago cheese.”

I noted “Etno burger, etno spread – of feta, sour cream and chilli pepper” – seems a weak description in hindsight.

Man alive this was truly awesome, my appalling photograph on my phone camera does it no justice what so ever. All I can say is that imagine a vision, a smell, an aroma, a tang, a bite, that stirs the juices,  an uncontrollable flow of saliva on the tongue, and that it pretty much what this burger does, be warned, or beat me senseless in the street (gently) when you find that we each have our own tastes and you disagree.

I also have sampled one of the weekly specials

The Cajun Burger-

Again I am totally stealing the description off their website “This loaded up masterpiece is dripping with spices, hot peppers, and our spicy ajvar. Sure it’s cold inside, but after eating this deluxe burger you’ll forget about the weather. The chefs at Etno Village Grill decided to coat the grass fed Q7 Ranch beef with Cajun blackening spice, top it with roasted red peppers and spicy sport peppers, hold it together with pepperjack, slather our brioche buns with spicy ajvar (roasted eggplant, red peppers, garlic, and secret spices), and put some fresh spring mix on top.”

My description or ‘take on it’  (that I typed into my phone discreetly)  was, “good bread to meat ratio, spicy sauce- undefinable to my palate, great juicy burger, pepper nice, green bits stuck in my teeth, but goddamit tasty, tasty, tasty! note to self need more napkins”

All I can say about this place, is that I would love to work here, but that would be a total drain on profit for obvious reasons, and I really want to go to the Q7 Ranch, and not just beacause I want to play ‘City Slickers’, I think that if the meat tastes this good then they must have a great set-up and those animals must be in an awesome environment. I bet that they have a magnificent farm shop too!

Etno Village Grill is at 2580 N. Lincoln Ave., on the corners of Sheffield and Wrightwood.


Q7 ranch website:

Etno Village Grill on Urbanspoon

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