Flashback- Food Truckin Lovin with Bridgeport Pasty


Its cold and I am reminiscing, or rather day dreaming, about Pasties

Where: At the Bowmanville Fall Festival Ravenswood and Balmoral

When: 2pm 15 Oct 2011

I was definatley going to go out of my way to meet up with the Bridgeport pasty truck and when I saw on twitter that they would be at the Bowmanville Fall Festival I was happy as I had a chance to catch them at last. I had read a few articles about these guys and it was a pleasure to meet them in person. As a native Englishman I have quite a keen love of pasties and once Carrie and Jay clocked my english accent the pressure was on I am sure. I love their story and I encourage you to visit their website to read it for yourselves, in fact I will make it easy for you:  http://bridgeportpasty.com/about/
What did I have:
By the time I got there I had missed out on the chance to get my hands on a Chic Pot Pie pasty, but they had both the Yooper Pasty – Beef, onion, potato, rutabago, garlic and parsely and a Vegetable Pasty – spinach, mushroom, Gruyere cheese, onion, and Béchamel both for $8, so I was happy enough. This is the Yoopers pasty below, the Veg pasty was consumed without camera it was shy.
In brief, I will be getting my hands on these treats at every opportunity that I can find.
These pasties are the real deal. The pastry is just right and the filling was moist and tasty, the beef was tender and the potato well seasoned, I still needed a little bit of brown sauce, but I am from England and old habits die hard.
These are the best pasties I have found in the last 6 years since moving to the states. (Just for the record the next best are from the English Shop ‘Myers of Keswick’ in New York City far enough away to give them a plug).
Without giving away any details I was happy to hear some of the planned upcoming new fillings that are planned which if I recalled correctly may be including a pasty of steak and stilton, and, a pork sausage pasty,with apple and stuffing. I cannot wait
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