Magic Grill – Not pulling a rabbit out of a hat

Kimball. Is this this the end of the line or the beginning of the line?


Despite the first sight of popeyes chicken as I left the station, with the sun shining and the temperatures in the 80’s, spirits were still high. Everywhere looks good in the sunshine and this helped to counter the paucity of eateries of note in plain sight. Across the road walking east I stumble upon the Magic Grill, although I doubt that they will be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, it seems my best option on this fine day.

magic grill specials Magic Grill sign

Inside I am the only patron so I figure I will get the personal touch and true to expectation that is true. I ordered a Patty Melt which seemed pretty much to be the least complicated option and settled down to watch some quality Spanish television “Rompiendo los Límites” which appeared to be a collection of clips of people crashing painfully and comedically in various sporting and outdoor activities.

patty melt

The best description I can make of the food is that it was mostly harmless. Surprisingly, a decent snack although I wont be coming again but not because of the welcome, which was warm and sincere. more as I have yet to clean the grease off my phone.

Inside Magic Grill

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