Snappy Shrimp – Is it snappy? Fried Fish things near to Damen

If I ever really wanted a place to be good then this was probably it. I really love crispy shrimp and made a schoolboy error in reading some reviews that implied that this was the place to get them. I am not saying that they were wrong just that I felt left flat by my unfulfilled expectation and overhyped reviews. If one of the best things they can say is that the place is clean then where the heck do they eat on a bad day?

The shrimp is good and  good size, the breading was a bit dry and hard perhaps over fried for my taste, but then again I am happy with the offerings from Bubba Gump. I  have tried the place twice, eating in on shrimp and calamari and getting a takeout of catfish which was good and had that nice earthy taste.

Located within sight of the Damen Brown line stop walk west 5 minutes to Walcott and Irving Park

Snappy's Shrimp on Urbanspoon

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