Etno Village Grill – Great Pork Sandwich

From the train on the brown line between the Diversey and Fullerton El stations I keep on getting distracted by a building with a cow on the roof.  OK so its not exactly next to an actual El station stop, but I can see it and the cow means either that it sells meat to eat or meat to cook or that it is a cow museum, but I was kind of hoping that it wasn’t the latter.

Getting off at the Diversey stop and following the tracks one block south I found the cow roof and the Etno Village Grill underneath it

Not that big inside but very friendly and they cook the meat from fresh on the grill. I went for  The Sofia Pork Loin w/ swiss cheese, bacon & scallion on a white hearty artisan roll (basically a  big floury bap).

You can get custom sandwiches as well and there is a good selection of sauces and fillings to add to each choice.

It was well worth the 15min wait for it to be cooked and even the $9.95.

I will be back to try the burgers and I hope that the cow museum will have been completed by then

Located at 2580 N Lincoln Ave At N Sheffield Ave.  Website:

Etno Village Grill on Urbanspoon

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  1. mark says:

    You must try one of our grass fed burgers from q7 ranch, just 60 miles away.

    1. I came in and tried the Etno burger, totally awesome enjoyed every mouthful! sadly cannot eat here every day but luverrly just the same! top notch

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