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Shake Shack in Chicago

Shake Shack in River North has been on my radar for ages, I really meant to come here on my last visit back to Chicago, but somehow I was distracted and didn’t make it. This time though it was to be my first meal off the plane, and as it was pretty close to my bed for the week at Hotel Felix, I was able to tick it off the list pretty quickly (within 30 mins after dropping my bags at reception to be exact).

This particular Shake Shack joint at Ohio & Rush opened in November 2014, and is one of two locations in the city area of Chicago, the second Shake Shack to open is on Michigan Avenue on the ground floor of the renovated historic Chicago Athletic Association Hotel at 12 S. Michigan just across from Millennium Park. That will have to wait for my next visit. I cant overdo these things.

SmokeShack on the Menu



Even before I walked in the door I knew that there was only one thing I wanted, and that was a bacon cheeseburger, so that meant that there was just one thing on the menu for me; the ‘SmokeShack’. This was described as a “Cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce” . I didn’t know what the cherry pepper was going to bring to the bun, and as I had never been to ShackShack before so didn’t know what their sauce was like. I did know that I like cheese, and I love smoked bacon, so I kind of figured I had made a sound choice.

SmokeShack Burger at Shake Shack with Cheese Fries

Shack Shack Burgers

I was really happy to be sitting in Shake Shack in River North finally dining on Danny Meyer’s concept burger. The burger was really good, a well made and well seasoned patty inside a nice soft fluffy bun, a potato bun I would have said. I loved the crispy smoked bacon, and the tangy melted cheese that combined with the spiciness of the cherry pepper. It was all making my mouth drool and my taste buds tingle at the same time. I was ‘loving’ it. There is something else though in this bun that really makes this a great burger and a little unique, and that is the sauce. I am not sure what is in the sauce, but it seems to be that it is something along the lines of mayo, mustard, ketchup and some element of pickle. Whatever it is, I liked it and would not mind having a jar or squeezy bottle filled with it at home

I had also ordered myself a portion of the ‘cheese fries’ which turned out to be a stack of crinkle cut fries topped with “our special blend of cheddar and American Cheese sauce”. They are kind of great as you start to work your way through them, but after a while I found them to be a bit too rich and I struggled to eat them all. That could have been the impending jet lag though and the fact that my body clock thought it was 4am.

All in all it was a pretty good introduction to the world of Shake Shack burger and one that I would be keen to try again. ‘If only there were not so many other meals and burgers to try out?’ As I mentioned at the top there is another location in Chicago to try over on Michigan Avenue, and now I find out that there is also another location, a third location in the Chicago area which is located at Westfield Old Orchard in Skokie. Perhaps I will head over there on my next trip home, that will be a good excuse to ride the Skokie Swift, the yellow line on the El.

To add to that in the ShakeShack world, next time I am in NYC I will try another one from the home of the original in Madison Square Park.

I have no idea why I did not in the three years I was living just outside that city? My bad (as they say, these days)

This particular Shake Shack is located at 66 E. Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60611

You can check them out on Facebook and on Twitter

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Did I mention that they also have Beer?

Shack Meister AleMy Shakemeister Ale

The ‘Shackmeister Ale’ is apparently brewed ‘exclusively’ for ShakeShack by Brooklyn Brewery. Well I wanted a beer, So I thought ‘when in Rome’ and ordered a pint or rather a 16oz on draught as they call it in this part of the world. They say on their website that “We brew Shackmeister Ale as a hearty pale ale with plenty of malts to match the rich, griddled beef in every Shackburger. A bright burst of hops unifies the finish and invites the drinker to take another bite and accompanying sip” #Awesome and true


I don’t usually look for any breakfast when I am passing through O’Hare but this week I was going from terminal 3 over to New York and I had an hour to spare. Walking up towards the Food Court somewhat fearful of what might await my tastebuds and early morning stomach I was pleased to see the sign for Rick Bayless’s Tortas Frontera. I knew it was there, but I just had not remembered until that moment.

I was quite tempted by the Mollettes that were protected by some drool resistant glass, but to be honest they looked to be a bit rich and cheesey for a pre plane flight snack, and I was looking for something a little plainer. Something plain for the plane. That could be an advert for some really awful food court at the airport. “Bland Burgers and Bland Bagels” – “Something Plain for the Plane” OK I am copywriting that one.

As this was breakfast time it seemed more sensible to have a breakfast Torta, What’s that? I heard myself ask, well it is a griddle-baked Mexican sandwich. There was quite a selection but I was playing this very safe and I ordered an Egg and Bacon Torta,  comprising scrambled egg, Nueske’s bacon, chipotle, Chihuahua cheesea and avocado for the sum of $9. I dont think that they were that impressed when I asked them to leave out the chipotle, but it was still pretty early and I did not need any early morning kick to my senses. Well was it any good? I will say that apart from the fact that it was way too big and I could have easily shared one between two, yes it was good. The bread looked hard but it was nice and soft, the eggs were perfectly creamy and not dry, the bacon had a nice smoky taste andwas a little bit salty just as I like it.

The other nice feature of this establishment, that I really like, is that they have a board telling you where the ingredients were sourced from. The applewood smoked bacon came from Wittenberg, Wisconsin, the Chihuahua cheese came from V&V Supremo in Chicago. There is a full list on the website as well if you want to check out the full details of your meal, well lets face it, it is much better than checking your departures on your iphone or watching the departure boasrd screens for your delayed flight.

I would eat here again when I am waiting for my plane, lets hope I am at the same terminal next time.

There are two locations at Chicago O’ Hare airport, this one was at Terminal 3 K4, there is a second at Terminal 1 B11. If you dont want to use a plane to get there you can ride to the end of the Blue Line to O’Hare and if you have a ticket you can stop by.


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