Del Campo Tacos – Authentic Mexican Food at 12th Street Beach

I found Del Campo’s Tacos on 12th Street Beach when I was taking a walk heading South of the Loop along the Lakeside Trail towards the Adler Planatarium

I saw this sign with a cartoon Mexican man jumping up and down offering ‘Authentic Mexican Food‘. How could I resist? It was a sunny day and I was heading towards the beach anyway so it was going to be a win-win! 🙂

The Pork Taco or Al Pastor to give it the correct name, was described on the menu or rather the “Ingredient Choices” section, very simply as “Pork, Pineapple & Onion Marinated in our House Guajillo Sauce”

It doesn’t add the extra detail that this is a family recipe passed down to the owner from his Grandmother and her mother before that! I got that bit of information after I had eaten it and had sought out the chap round the back by the kitchen to say how good it was and to try and get some ‘hints’ on what was in the sauce 🙂

It really was excellent, hot and spicy and a little bit fruity too. The pork was surprisingly tender and I learnt that was due to the tenderizing effect of the pineapple in the sauce (clever stuff).

I loved that this had the proper authentic double wrap of tortilla, and I really liked all the freshness from the chopped white onion, cilantro, shredded spring onion and a hint of mint.

This might have just been from a humble beach side stall, but don’t be fooled this is a taco you are going to want to hunt down to try!

As I check out the menu,  I feel that I may have missed out and need to come back sometime to try some of the other combinations.

I am particularly drawn to the “Chorizo Con Papas – Mexican Sausage with shredded potatoes”. Just thinking about that I can imagine the spicy oil from that warm sausage mixing into the potato, ooh nice

I really want to try that “Carne Asada” too, skirt flank steak seasoned and marinated in their own house pineapple and garlic butter. I can only begin to imagine what sort of party in my mouth those flavours are going to be starting!

I kind of wish that I could just sit by this beachside hut each weekend until I had worked my way through all of their taco toppings

Del Campo’s Tacos is located at 1300 S Lynn White Drive in Chicago, on the edge of the lake at 12th Street Beach

Check them out too on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram profile



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  1. Nice to see you again! How are you all? The blog looks a lot crisper than the last time I was here. And that taco looks excellent – particulerly the pineapple.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      That was a particularly good Taco, well worth the long walk to get there as well. Doing well thanks enjoying a bit of sunshine and an excuse to BBQ and amble about in the countryside

      1. Sounds good. Give my regards to your mother. 🙂

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