Good Night Goose Island in Wrigleyville


Wrigley Field

Goose Island Wrigleyville

I have always had a fond spot in my heart for the Goose Island Brewery Tap in Wrigley ville and I had been quite sad to find it closed last time I was in Chicago. So on this visit I had been really happy to find it open again, but that happiness was to be short lived as I turned up the day before it was due to shut for good.

“After 15 years, the Goose Island Wrigleyville brewpub location will be closing due to the new developments that are expected in the Wrigleyville area,” Goose Island spokeswoman Ana Serafin said in a statement. “We want to thank our patrons for their continuous support and hope to be back in Wrigleyville in the future. In the meantime, our Clybourn location is still open where you can enjoy all of your favorite Goose Island beers.”

Goose Island 312

Goose Island 312

When I found out it was closing we had to pop over for that last glass of beer and some food. For me that last beer was going to be a Goose Island 312, I know that its quite a common drink to take, but I like it and if like me you spend most of the year in the UK, you may appreciate that one takes the chance to get a glass on draft when one can.

A bit of the Sandwich Menu

Sandwich Menu at Goose Island in Wrigleyville

I am not going to try and kid you that the food here is ‘awesome’, it isn’t or rather now I guess it wasn’t, but what it was is filling and hearty and it helped to mop up the booze and fill a large hole in one’s belly. I have tried stuff here before and I have learned that you have to be patient with your food life when you pick.

It was with that knowledge in mind that I chose to take on their ‘Cuban sandwich’ or rather I should say their take on a Cuban sandwich.

Cuban Style Sandwich at Goose Island

Cuban Sandwich at Goose Island

My Cuban Sandwich at Goose Island

The so called ‘Cuban Sandwich’ was a decent sandwich, but was it a ‘Cuban’, may be not. It was a nice crunchy baguette filled with plenty of solid slices of smoked ham and pork loin. I liked the tart pickle and the tang of the mustard aioli and the cheese? well cheese is always good. There was plenty of this sandwich but I probably will not be missing it now that it is gone.

Goose Island Burger

Goose Island Burger

A safer option would have been the Standard Bar Burger, which looked to be decent and I understood filled a hole. I should have probably chosen to eat this, but I didn’t and now I guess I will have to go to Goose Island’s other location at North and Clybourn if I want to eat one.

But lets be honest when I go there I will be going to drink the beer!



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