The Fudge Pot in Old Town – anything you can think of made out of chocolate

The Fudge Pot Making fudge at The Fudge Pot

I was over in Old Town around the Christmas holidays and I passed the Fudge Pot I looked down through the window to see them rolling out some fudge and making something sugary. I like watching them make stuff and even if though I am not that keen on American chocolate this seems to be the time of year when one finds oneself looking through the window of all those chocolate and sweet shops debating which treats I need to be eating while slumped on the sofa watching those appallingly bad christmas television options. Something has to help me get through it.

Fudge Pot chocolate dogs Chocolate cars at Fudge Pot

On their leaflet they note “We’ll do just about anything in chocolate”. Looking through the display cabinets lining the windows and walls of the shop I can well believe that. They also say that ‘if it’s not listed just ask..we’ll get it!’  On the list the items that I was more drawn too were the ‘bacon and eggs’ and the ‘hamburger’ but then such is my antipathy towards objects made out of chocolate that to be honest I would have rather had actual bacon and eggs or a hamburger. Perhaps I should ask for a ‘bah humbug’ chocolate shape (they don’t make those)

milk chocolate turtles with pecans

I do however like chocolate shaped chocolates and they do a very nice ‘turtle’ with pecan nuts here, milk chocolate mixed with caramel toffee and nuts. It is both chewy and chocolatey and has the added bonus of some saltiness from the nuts as well. Interestingly if I wanted a turtle shaped chocolate I could choose from small, large, or ninja.

If you really like chocolate shaped things then this is the place for you. In their own words “The Dattalo family has been making Chicago a sweeter place to be since 1963”. They picture three generations of candymakers on their leaflet, and there is nothing better than a good family run establishment.

You can check the out at their website and find them at 1532 N Wells Street in Old Town. The nearest El stop is at Sedgwick

Fudge Pot on Urbanspoon

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