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Real Kitchen

I have blogged about Real Kitchen and the gourmet ready meals that they prepare fresh daily before but I really felt that I had to share the really good sandwiches that we got there for lunch today.

Blink and you may miss the small board listing the daily sandwiches, but for reference it’s on the far left straight opposite the door.

Pork Belly ReubenPork Belly

The first of these great sandwiches was the Pork Belly Reuben. Apart from the crispy skinned, tender pork belly, it was filled with Pickled Cabbage, a lot of Swiss Cheese, and 1000 Island Dressing for a mere $6.50. You can see the fantastic piece of belly falling out of the sandwich slice above and also all of that gooey swiss cheese oozing out and all over the bread crust. It was just lovely, the pickled cabbage cut through some of the potential richness.

Philly Cheesesteak

The second sandwich was a “Philly Cheese Steak” which came with with Pickled Banana Peppers and Sriracha Mayo. Now usually I would be quite rude about any sandwich calling itself a Philly Cheesesteak when it is nothing like a Cheesesteak, but you know I am going to let Real Kitchen off this time. I knew it was not a true cheesesteak when I picked it off the board so I was not expecting one. What I actually ended up getting was a crusty half baguette with a juicy and spicy cheese and beef filling. In places there was quite a bit of a heat kick from the pickled banana peppers, especially if you didnt get a bite with enough of everything else in it to tame them. It was a good job that there was plenty of iced water available to cool down my tongue. It was a pretty decent plate of lunch and a bargain price at only $6.50.

Real Kitchen is located at 1433 West Montrose on the cross roads with N Clark Street. You can walk there along W Montrose from the Montrose Brown El stop (about 10 mins) or ride the 78 east to Wilson and alight just across the road, or ride the same bus west to Harlem from the Wilson Red Line stop and get off at the same intersection.

You can see what the daily options at Real Kitchen are via there website and also through Facebook and Twitter. They change some of the options on a daily basis so it’s never boring.

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