icompute cafe for when you need to print, scan, or just get a coffee or a scone

The i compute cafe

It does not seem so long ago that you could find a proper internet cafe on almost every corner. Nowadays everyone seems to have their own laptop, tablet, or pad and just lounge around on sofas in coffee shops. Who needs to print out something or even scan it? How old school or retro is that these days? Well today I found myself in that strange position “You mean you expect me to print this out, fill it in and then scan it back to you?” I don’t even own a printer or a scanner anymore. So that began the search for a good old fashioned internet cafe.

iCompute Cafe on Lincoln Avenue came up on the search list, but I still had to phone just to check that I could print AND scan, ‘I know actually speaking to someone on a phone!’ not even texting or emailing or IM. This could be way too sociable.

inside Icompute

Phew look at that! all the computer booths are empty so I don’t have to be too sociable after all 🙂

I only really needed to get in and out and it was just $3 for 30 minutes and a couple of dollars for my printing and scanning.

bites not bytes

But hey hold on, this is a cafe so can I get more than a byte? perhaps a bite to eat?

Yes there was a small selection of muffins, scones, and brownies, all of which looked freshly baked and quite appetising.

Cheese and Chive Scone

I got a cheese and chive scone which was really and quite surprisingly very tasty indeed. It was a light and fluffy scone with a well seasoned cheese and chive fillings Really quite unexpected but quite welcome. The Coffee and Tea were good too, I had a raspberry tea, the coffee was the locally ground Bridgport Cafe.

The whole place was quiet, yet easy going, the people running it were nice and friendly and most importantly I got my random print and scan done (and a bonus scone!)

icompute cafe is located at 2461 N. Lincoln Ave about 10 minutes walk from the Fullerton El Stop and aboout 10 mins from the Diversey El stop. You can find them online at  http://icomputecafe.com/ and also follow them on twitter and facebook

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