Edzo’s – A burger worth travelling for

Edzo's in Evanston

Somewhat unbeliveably this is only my second ever trip to Edzo’s Burger Shop. Or rather I should say it is the second time I have managed to get in to eat.

There is only a small window of opportunity to get your hands on one of their most excellently freshly ground burgers. To be precise 10.30 am to 4.00pm (Tues-Sun).

I think I have missed out by either travelling all the way up to Evanston on Monday, getting there late, or on a holiday. About a 1 in 4 success rate so far; ‘Sack the researcher’ (damn that’s me).

Arriving off the Purple Line El train at the Davis St station, exit and walk south to Davis then head down towards the shore about 5 minutes and you will see the big yellow and orange frontage of Edzo’s across the road 0n Sherman Ave.

This time of year head for the Christmas tree and you will not be far off.

Burger Options

Last time I came in here I had one of the basic ‘House’ burgers which they grind every morning. This time I was going to step it up a little and take advantage of their beef upgrades.

I am a big fan of the meat from the Q7 ranch, so I chose to have one of those. I opted for a single 4 oz griddled burger “with everything” except the evil pickle. So that was basically ketchup, mustard, and onion. I made it into a cheeseburger by adding some cheddar.

Edzos Cheeseburger

What could be better that one of Edzo’s Cheeseburgers?

Two Edzos cheeseburgers

Well clearly that would be Two Edzo’s Cheeseburgers and maybe a side of fries.

No dont think I was being exceptionlly gluttinous. No only one of these was mine, and I was splitting the fries.

From my last visit, the thing I remembered the most, apart from the yummy, juicy and really meaty cheesy burgers, was the meat juice and fat dribbling down my wrists and onto my chin with each bite.

This time because I had upgraded to Q7 I did not get as much dribbling, but I got way more flavour and was most definately not disapointed.

I really love going back to somewhere and finding that the good memory of the last visit gets even better.

Without being too fussy and pretentious a sandwich, it is fair to say that the Edzo burger is right up there at the top of the list.

Edzo's Artwork

How can I sum Edzo’s up?

Well it is always packed, the burgers are juicy, and finally the fries are so good you really don’t need to dip them into anything.

Edzo's Burger Shop on Urbanspoon

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