Three J’s BBQ – West Indian and Jamaican Food off the back of a van

Strolling across the road from Daley Plaza I spot the Three J’s Jerk Chicken van on the corner. It said ‘Stop Me’ on the back, but it was already stopped so it was me who stopped just to get a photograph so I could record the number to track the resturant down. As I walked alongside the driver jumped out to somewhat furtively ask me if I wanted any chicken or tips, swinging up the side of the van as he did.

He had all sorts in there; Jerk Chicken, Pork Chops, Rib Tips, Jamaican Curry, Goat, Baked Chicken, and more! Some were packed up with sides like Collard Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Red Beans, and Rice. I was not that hungry and did not really want a whole meal, so was glad that I spotted a smaller box with ‘Tips’ on it, even better some red BBQ sauce was sliding down the side of it, so I was asking for that!

For $5 I got a box of rib tips in a nice BBQ sauce, sweet and spicy but not really that hot. The big bits of meat were a little chewy but the smaller pieces were just right, tender and falling apart with your bite. It came with a slice of white bread, not really needed.

Just to add to the quality dining experience I ate this in the bus shelter while fending off a dazed beggar.

Three J’s Resturant is located in South Shore at 1713 E 75th St, and the van I came across supposedly drives around town, and has been spotted in the Loop and at Hyde Park.

I am not sure if I will be trekking down to 75th to find the actual restuarant, but I may well chase the van if I see them driving by.

Three J's I on Urbanspoon

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