The Claim Company – “Home of the Motherlode”

The Claim Company

If you like a nice cheesy Western-themed resturant, and I do, then you cannot do much better than The Claim Company out at Northbrook Court in Northbrook. It is attached to the Shopping Mall and has been one of those places that we have used for Team lunches, or just lunch time getaways over the years. After a while you tend to learn what you like off the menu, and I have to say that I have been drawn slowly into realising that my best option is the ‘Build you own burger’.

Here this called the “THE MOTHERLODE” which they describe as “Our Gourmet, Build-Your-Own-Burger!” They invite you to “Stake your claim on the best burger or un-burger on either side of the Rio Grande!” and gee you up by telling you that “You know you’ll love it because you create it yourself“. You know that much is true, I have always managed to make a good selection.

The Motherlode

In general I get the cheese burger, with a fried egg, mushroom, and or sometimes bacon. It is not a bad burger, certainly it is large enough and it will probably make you snooze all afternoon. From the different bun options (Multi-Grain, Egg Bun, Onion Roll, Pretzel Roll, Black Bavarian, or Ciabatta) I usually get either the egg bun or the pretzel roll. It is always Cheddar cheese for me, but you can get other ones (Mozzarella, Swiss, American, Goat, Bleu, or Pepper Jack). I am not going to list all the free toppings which include many salad type items like lettuce and tomato, I tend to restrict myself to one or all of the following;  Grilled Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions or Fried Onions, and Bacon. I am getting hungry now writing and I have just got in from eating this burger as well.

They encourage you ‘to be a little different’ by adding a fried egg, nothing unusual about that for me, it is almost obligatory these days.

Claim Company is not just about the Motherlode though, they do have a really good salad bar and yes I have eaten from it. Mainly since  is not just lettuce leaves, it has pasta salads and meats too.

OK so it is a bit of a trek out to Northbrook to eat here and I am not suggesting making a special trip, but if you are out this way and want a little extra ‘Cheese’ on your Cheeseburger, you could do a lot worse.

Located at 2000 Northbrook Court, close or rather adajcent to the Macy’s store end of the Shopping Mall


Check out their menu here

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