Pollito’s Grill and Rotisserie

Pollito’s is another of those lunch time /early evening food outlets just alongside the el train, or rather just beneath the El train at Washington and Wells. I approached it at dusk, about 4.45pm and was not sure if it was still going to be open as many of these places in this part of the loop are just catering to the nearby offices and the lunchtime crowd.


I was in luck (is that the right phrase?) and they were still open, although they were clearing up. The nice chap running the place said they were closing at 5pm but if anyone came by that they would be happy to serve them. So no problems. In the back of my mind I suppose I had a slight concern that if they were closing down soon I might not get all the good stuff and maybe I would have been better off coming at lunchtime. But lets just leave those thoughts back there, you are here now, so lets just get some damn chicken and get back on the El. Ok Pep talk over.

I do like a bit of grilled chicken, so that was going to be the first choice, and  I was particularly pleased to see that you could get dark or white meat, as I like the dark meat best, just for the flavour.

I went very simple and just had a small 1/4 dark chicken with pita and one side, in this case some onion rings. Not the best choice but probably not the worst. Another good thing was that the onion rings were freshly cooked (even if they were frozen) I wasn’t getting any left overs. The Chicken was tasty and acceptable without getting anywhere close to amazing, there was not too much flavour to excite, but it was moist, juicy and had a nice crispy skin.  The pita and somewhat pitiful salad just filled up the plate. But I was just really sampling the chicken so didn’t pay to much attention.

As I noted earlier perhaps better to try this place during the lunchtime rush.

It is right next to the steps of the Washington and Wells stop at 39 N Wells Street (Brown Line, Orange Line, Pink Line, Purple Line). Other station options are Washington-blue (Blue Line) and the Clark/lake (subway)

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