The Golden Angel – just how much food does one man need?

This was my second visit to the Golden Angel Pancake House and I may not have to eat for the rest of the week. Located at 4344 N. Lincoln Ave (Montrose), vaguely between the Montrose Brown and the Western Brown Line is the Golden Angel.

All I really wanted was a Pork Chop, so I thought that I would be safe having pork chops and eggs. That was my first incorrect decision, what could possibly go wrong. Well plate one arrived, two pork chops and pretty large ones at that.

This was closely followed by a plate of Fried Eggs and Potatoes, or was it fried potatoes and a couple of eggs? Either way this was plate two, count it, two. OK that is alright, just hang in there and remember that you don’t ‘have’ to eat it all (you can leave the apple sauce if you like).

But hey now what is this, plate three, a couple of slices of toast. Like that was something that I was going to be needing? Well actually I did eat a bit of it, just to dip into my egg yolks.

Well that was all a bit too much, I may need to wear my ever so slightly larger pants tommorrow and perhaps a little snooze may help as well. For the record the pork chops were very nice.

Golden Angel on Urbanspoon

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