Filling up at Fallafill – Chickpeas gone wild

I am starting this blog entry with an explanation of what a Falafel is, purely for the benefit of my good friend Kristian, he asked me once before but I though that he would appreciate this in picture form. It was on the chalkboard wall at Fallafill so perfect. So anyhow I found myself wandering down from the Belmont El station along W. Belmont Avenue towards the corner of W. Belmont and Broadway heading towards the ‘unabridged book store’ as they have a really nice cookery section. Usually if I am down this way I end up getting some of the really good chicken from Chicken Hut. This time however I spotted a few more new places that I had not tried, one of these was Falafill. I am no great consumer of this snack but I did get some nice ones from a Food Truck (Crisp) in NYC last winter so I thought I would give them a try out.


They explain the deal much better on their website so I suggest that if you like Falafel you should check that out yourself. Basically you can get a ‘pocket’ or a ‘bowl ‘of 4 pieces of Falafel, you can then help yourself to any of the contents of their salad bar. I chose their curry falafel made with lentil daal in a bowl, then a selection from the buffet. I ended get quite a few choices that on their own were good but they did not all mix together well.  There was some ‘Cracked Wheat w/ Pomegranate’ which is Burghol wheat with pomegranate syrup, tomato, lemon, and spices, some ‘Tomatoes n’ Cukes’ which is a Jerusalem salad. tossed with cilantro and tahini, (that was my favorite of the salads),  I also added a bit of ‘Black Bean n’ Corn’ with sweet roasted red pepper, jalapeno, and fresh herbs. To dip the falafels into I had a little Hummus essentially Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, oil and salt and last but not least some Tatziki.

I did not go overboard with the salads and it was not too much to eat, you could really have piled it on but if you want to enjoy the bowlful I suggest just picking out a few different items. There are some pretty good example photo’s of the salad bar on the website which is really worth checking out.

This is a really nice little place and was my one vegetarian meal of the year, grilled cheese doesn’t count, Fallafill is located in Lakeview at 3202 N Broadway about 10 minutes east from the Belmont CTA El station.

Falafill on Urbanspoon

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