The Little Italy series: Rosebud cafe


The Rosebud cafe is one of a few in the chain hanging around the Chicago area. This particular one in Little Italy is at 1500 W Taylor and has been there since 1975 when the empire of Rosebud first got started.

Festival Menu

I was just passing by and was looking for a little sample of what they had to offer. On this occasion at the festival they were just doing two dishes one sweet, one savoury.


Those two dishes were Steamed clams which I was tempted to try, they looked so good, but they were $6 and I kind of wanted to try the other choice of Sfingi which I had never had and to be honest struggled to pronounce.


I was not sure what it was and didn’t  know that it was sweet until I tasted it. The best part was that as soon as I bit into my first mouthful I knew that it was not healthy and not good for me, brilliant just what I was looking for.

It was basically a Sicilian doughnut. I think that it had some sort of glazing or filling but that might have just been the deep fried fat in the dough. Actually I think I am being a bit flippant there the taste was cinnamon.

I know that it was not necessarily representative of everything that Rosebud has to offer, but it was an interesting taste experience. For a person not particularly interested in sweet things it is quite a good option.

Check out the Rosebud website at also on facebook

Exit the Polk CTA station on the Pink Line and it is but a short walk away on Taylor Street.

The Rosebud on Urbanspoon

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