Food Market in The Old Market Square – Which Random animal shall we consume today?

You can always rely on the British to be an adventurous bunch, especially when it comes to putting a random animal in between two burger buns. At the Farmers Market in Nottingham’s Old Market Square this last weekend I was not disapointed.


I could have gone for something traditi0nal such as a Lamb Burger from the Thorpe Latimer Farmshop stand but I had had both their Lamb Burger and their Red Beef Beefburger before and I was looking for something that I had not had before.


So what would it be and what could it be. Believe or not all of the following were possibilities. I had had Venison many times, and plenty of Ostrich too, but Kangaroo? Not that I could recall.


I went for the Kangeroo burger with some onions and cheese in a white bap. I even got to eat it in a Jubilee inspired tent on a St Georges cross table cloth.

I liked it, there was hardly any fat and it tasted lean too, in terms of texture is was very solid almost packed meat, probably all that jumping around tends to firm everything up. I am sure that is not really a highly technical appraisal of why Kangaroo Meat is healthy. Despite its apparent health benefits I shall resist converting to “Kangatarianism” (a diet which excludes meat except kangaroo on environmental and ethical grounds.)

The Kangaroo came from the Oslinc Farm Stand which more usually attracts custom for its UK farmed ostrich. Website:

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