10 years on, No rain for a change today, so it has to be a lunch at Deli 8

It really does not seem like it but it is 10 years since Deli 8 opened it’s doors in the bustling Nottingham suburb of West Bridgford in 2002. I could not really believe it myself, I often came here for lunch back then when I lived and worked in Nottingham and so I was curious to see if it stilll lived up to expectations and hoped that it would not ruin my memories. I need not have worried it was a good as ever and well worth the stroll across town.

In past years I always used to get a panini with chorizo, cheese, and jalapeno, and it was that which I was searching for on the chalkboard when I walked in today. In the end I was drawn to a baguette off the ‘Pure Bliss’ menu which comprised of a crusty white bread roll filled with Chorizo, mature cheddar, sweet chili jam, jalapenos. Potentially it could be a spicy affair, but I was game for the challenge.


Despite all the potential chilliness it was not at all overpowering, everything worked and I enjoyed sitting out in the imaginary sunshine munching away on my baguette watching the world go by. The chorizo was sweet and flavourful, the cheese salty and nutty, the chilli jam juicy and tomatoey and the jalaopeno crunchy, sweet and a little tangy. Together with the crunchy yet soft bread roll it was actually a match made in heaven.

Now really this should have been plenty enough to eat for lunch, and it was, but I had to take some small snacks away for tea and supper, so I went back in to get the usual scotch egg and also I was tempted to partake of a small potato pie.


They were both worth getting, I had the scotch egg as a mid-afternoon snack, and the pie for tea with baked beans and a fried egg (comfort food at its best).

I will miss all this when I get back to Chicago, but basically once I replace scotch eggs, all day breakfasts, and pies with hot dogs, grilled cheese, and burgers,  it will be business as usual. Just easily pleased I guess.

Deli 8 is located in West Bridgeford Nottingham at 8 Gordon Road, and has a website at http://www.no8deli.co.uk/.

If any overseas readers are planning to head to Nottingham anytime, let me know so I can tag along and eat even more yummy goodness.

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