Flashback – DC Sarnies in the suburbs


Now DC Sarnies is nowhere near Washington and it is nowhere near the Elevated railway where I ususally hunt but its worth talking about and visiting. Primarily a slightly upmarket build your own sandwich and burger establishment it is somewhere between resturant and deli come bar. It is located out in Deerfield next to the Lake Cook Road metra station on the Metra District North (MD-N) line. I work right next to this stop and get there via the Blue line to Mayfair then connect to the train.

I have been in a few of times and had most of my standard choices, just for comparison and quality control you understand.

The first time I had a shrimp po-boy which was pretty good but my colleague had the grilled cheese sandwich so I made a special effort to return so that I could sample it myself.

On this occasion I had it with a side of macaroni cheese which was almost as big as the sandwich.  The Grilled cheese was billed as “Gourmet Grilled Cheese” and since it was made with four cheeses and it tasted really good and as it was the best I had had for a while I will give it that one, titlewise, for the record the cheeses housed within its sourdough container are Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Smoked Gouda, and Boursin Cheese. It was good value for $8.95 especially since the macaroni was included as a side. I was not too fussed with the mac and cheese, it had breadcrumbs on the top, which I know is standard but I don’t like it myself and it was made with fusilli pasta and I like it with the tubular type of pasta so that the cheese can ooze into and out of each piece of pasta. Ok so I am being fussy now I guess. 

On my next visit I had to have one of my other guilty pleasures which is a burger with a fried egg on the top. I know it’s not good for you but what it takes away from you healthwise it adds on in sheer taste pleasure so any calories are automatically dispelled into the ether just like that flying pig and those unicorns in the car park. What we have here is a Chorizo Burger, a DC signature 8oz USDA Certified Angus Prime topped with slices of Spanish Chorizo, a Fried Egg, Herb Mayo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato in a Sesame Bun for $12.95. It came with a side of fries which I hardly touched such was the size of the burger. For once the slice of pickle was put to good use as it acted like a dam holding back the tide of fries on the plate. It was a truly delicious choice, and as I sit in the family kitchen over in the UK with the pouring rain beating against the windows I sadly realise that I have six weeks until I can return to have another one. Don’t feel too sorry for me, I have many many tasty treats over here in Europe to sample and I will no doubt keep you informed, just to tease you if nothing else.

Anyhow DC Sarnies is worth popping on and off the train for. It also has a bar and a patio so should be a good spot to pause in the summer especially on a Friday afer work. Locates at 649 Lake Cook Road Deerfield.

Website:  http://dcsarnies.com also on Facebook and Twitter

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