Safari Cup Coffee

Southport is pretty much the last stop on the non-loop section of the Elevated Brown Line that I had not recorded eating at. I have been down numerous times and I kept trying to get to Southport Grocery and Cafe but it was always too packed or I was too late. So when I heard that there was an independant coffee shop right next to the Southport station I thought I would ride down and try it out.

Safari is nice inside, and it was quite busy, first time I walked in there were no free tables and I had to walk out and up and down the strip for 20 minutes. That in itself was quite heartening as there is a Starbucks just over the road. So I was thinking that the coffee at least had to be good here. I got myself a Latte and just for a change I ordered a Ham and Cheese Toasted sandwich.

It was simple enough but pretty well put together sandwich a nice thick slice of quality ham and an equal amount of cheese. Just right and nice toasty bread.  A couple of strange things were the slices of Strawberry on the top and the crisps that came with it looked like purple pot pourri, but actually tasted Ok.

I liked this Coffee shop, I probably won’t get down there too often but I think I will come back to try one of their meat pies.

Located right next to the Southport Brown Line el station at 3404 N Southport Ave (at Roscoe St)


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