Susie’s – a ramshackle kind of a place serving dogs and the like


Suzie’s ‘drive through’ appears to have had a good deal of press and acolades over the years, even being featured on “Chicago’s Best” so I felt I had to try it out even though it is not directly on a CTA El Stop, it is on my daily walk home down Montrose Avenue between the Blue and Brown Montrose stations.

Inside was very small and the counter boy not particularly pleasant, if it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to blog about something that day, I think I would have given this place a wide berth, but hey lets not be too hasty I hadn’t even eaten anything yet. I reluctantly resisted the tempatation to give the youth behind the counter a ticking off for his brusk “whaddya want” approach and went for a “Polish with everything on it” for $3.62. I was going to go for one of the items in an edible bowl as featured on Chicago’s Best, but they were sitting flaccidly in a glassed box on the counter and to be honest looked dreadful, and I have eaten everything from snake to brains and all between and even I baulked at this eyeful.

Despite everything and even due to everything for all the wrong reasons I quite enjoyed the hot dog. I wouldn’t come here again unless I was extremely drunk. The mustard was nice, the onions good, but the dog dripped with fat as you bit into it, now that should in itself should have been a negative, but I kind of like my dogs that way. If you know its bad for you it then makes it even better! When you walk away needing more napkins and think that you have mustard all over your face, you know you have been at a hot dog stand.

Located at 4126 W Montrose Ave (between Elston Ave & Kedvale Ave), you can utilise the 78 bus or walk (a long way) from either Montrose station (Brown or Blue)

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