Triumph Brewery – Princeton New Jersey


There is something special about taking a friend to a place you know that they will love for the first time and no trip to Princeton would be complete without a visit to the Triumph Brewery.  That was my pleasure last week, I had sold Triumph on the basis that it was a brew pub with the best beer in the area. There was some mild attempts at suggesting that we would just be having one beer, but I knew that once my friend got their first taste, just like all the friends I had brought here before, and even myself on my first visit, that there would be several more beers disapearing.

I went for the Honey Blonde which was just as I remembered, light and tasty, very easy to drink, somewhat too easy. Described by Triumph as ” Clean malt flavour subtly accented by local wildflower honey”  My friend went for the Scottish Ale which was a darker affair and clearly tasty as it seemed to disapear pretty quickly. that was described as “heavy on malt and light on hops with a touch of roastiness”

Of course Triumph is not just about the beer (mostly but not all). It also has some pretty decent food too. Excellent fish and chips are a highlight, and their sandwiches and burgers are pretty damn good too. I once had a cowboy steak which made me feel like Desperate Dan as it filled the whole plate. Sadly that was not on the menu this time.

I went for the Epic Burger which was topped with pork belly, caramelized onion, a fried egg, truffle aioli, it came with mornay sauce, a pickle and fries for $16


My friend went for the Triumph burger, Pineland farms grass-fed beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, with pickle and fries.

It did look pretty good, but could not compete in my mind with the Epic Burger. The sunny side up egg was the star, biting into the bun the egg yolk oozed out as a creamy unctious mess that just melted into my brain overpowering the taste are and rendering me in a brief moment of temporary taste insanity. Luckily the Honey Blonde Ale distracted me and dragged me back into the present.

So, ‘Triumph’ go for the beer, eat to soak it up, and remember to leave before the beer takes over your mind and you forget how good this place is. 

Website: located at 138 Nassau St in Princeton.

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