La Tapenade Mediterranean Cafe – O’Hare

O’ Hare is right at the end of the Blue Line and it is not that often that I have had a chance to knock this one off on my el stop blog list. Sadly for me I have to travel to New Jersey for work this week the only upside being that I get to spend next weekend in New York and the opportunity to get some good muching in. I had about 20mins before boarding to Newark. I spotted La Tapenade and I was able to get a seat within view of the gate so I took a chance.


The toasted paninis looked to be the best option, although I was not sure how long they had been there, I selected a portobella melt purely on the basis that I thought it might help my hangover.

It was a good choice, lots of gooey cheese falling out, tasty mushrooms and a hint of pesto and some red peppers.

Usually it is a bit of a struggle to get that much decent food at the airport but La Tapenade was not too bad at all, apart from the $11 price tag I was quite satisfied. What was better was that it cured my grumbling hangover laden body and I was able to stroll easily to get my flight with no problems.

Located at O’Hare International Airport, 10000 West O’Hare, Terminal 1, Gate B5, nearest el O Hare Blue line.

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