Thai Avenue – Argyle

It was a cold night out there tonight and being really sensible instead of staying in the warm I decided to head out into the dark and over to Argyle via the red line to get something spicy to warm me up. Initially I was a bit deflated as I was really aiming for Pho Xe Tang (Tank Noodles) to get some vietnamese pho, but sadly it was closed on wednesday night, so my loss was “Thai Avenue’s” gain as it was right next door and it was too cold to worry about searching around for the next best option.


The place was empty except for a happy smiling waitress, I perused the menu offerings and went for some steamed pot stickers filled with chicken and vegetables as a starter. The menu said that they were made with thin pastry and that was true, my chopsticks struggled to not tear them apart with each grab. They were a bit soggy and the dipping soy was a bit thick, they were OK but not great.

I then went a bit random and picked Kao Moo Daeng, Barbecue pork over rice topped with sweet homemade sauce, served with sweet soy sauce and jalapeno. It also came with three pointless chunks of cucumber. The pork was nice but a bit bland and the sauce was also a bit tasteless, mixing the jalapeno side sauce livened it up a bit, but not much.

Overall it was not too bad for a second choice selection, perhaps with a bit more patience I could have found somewhere better or if I had checked out the menu better got something tastier, but heh ho we live and learn, and I least I got some food to warm me up.

Thai Avenue is at 4949 N. Broadway St, around the corner from the Argyle Red El Station and next door to Tank Noodles

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