Yolk – Breakfast, Brunch, or Lunch – this place does all

I picked this place for brunch mostly due to its proximity to the Chicago Brown Line el station so that I could add another notch onto the project objective.

I know that it is part of a small chain, but we just don’t get places like this in the UK.  Maybe we do in London, but up in Nottingham my home town this sort of place wouldn’t thrive.

We  like ‘greasy spoon’ cafes where lorry drivers and students mix together to eat bacon butties and beans on toast,

or trendy quaint gourmet overpriced places that you can’t get a table at and not because you are fighting with a Michelin inspector just because they only have 4 tables with mismatched chairs.

If I had the cash I could make a killing opening somewhere like this in England, it would be a generic breakfast emporium to confuse the masses and make them believe in glass and chrome to distract them ‘eggs is eggs’ after all.

Irish Benny

I had an “Irish Benny” English muffin, grilled corned beef hash, and sauteed tomato topped with two poached eggs and home made hollandaise sauce, served with red diced potatoes and fruit for $9.99.

The eggs were good, everything else was just generic, but I learnt that at breakfast you replace the place on the plate where salad goes with random fruit.

My dream “Just use a smaller plate”, leave all the garnish and I would be happier.

Yolk on Urbanspoon

This version of Yolk is at 747 N Wells Street, webiste http://www.yolk-online.com/


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