Nookies Edgewater

This place need to advertise itself much better, I headed up to the Bryn Mawr Red Line stop as I had not eaten anywhere up there yet and in my quest to find somewhere near each stop to snack it seemed a fair place to stop. It was a great day for November and I figured that I could get a quick sandwich somewhere then go for a stroll along the lake. I almost missed Nookies


From the corner it looks like an office or a dentist, and it is only the etched windows that let you know it might be something else, first of all I thought it was a massage place or a furniture shop, then I tracked back and realised it was a cafe/resturant/bar almost too trendy and understated a frontage for Bryn Mawr and certainly for a chap like me on a wee stroll along the lake.

Even when I got inside I was fooled, the decor is great, quite in the moment, the staff smart and attentive, but also with the air that they work somewhere cooler than the street outside, the menu looked so extensive and competent  that even after I had ordered I asked to keep it so that I could keep reading. Then I googled the website and got a completely different feel that the place, one of four, was just a mom and pop diner, they need to change that quick as this particular place is way off that.

I had a latte, in a diner I would have had a diet coke, in a bar a beer, that was the kind of vibe I felt. I went for a grilled cheese sandwich – Gruyere cheese, mushroom and garlic butter, accompanied with a tomato bisque soup. The sandwich was great very crunchy toast and I loved the way the cheese melted into the mushroom, the soup was tasty a little cool, but pretty good none the less. For about $10 all in I left pretty happy, just a little confused as to what this place was. In fact my pictures blurred are about as blurred as my understanding, the taste was better than that so all is good.

Mind you on the way back I got some good time by the lake, exercise and great views

This branch of Nookies is located at 1100 West Bryn Mawr (at Winthrop ave) in Edgewater. About 4 minutes east towards the lake from the Bryn Mawr Red El station. I won’t bother posting the website it will just confuse things.

Its a really cool spot, slightly out of character with the area, but then again everywhere needs some place like this so that is a really good thing.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Greeat reading your blog

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