Chicken Hut – Possibly the best grilled chicken in town…discuss

Its very simple come here to eat chicken, whole, half, or a quarter.

Chicken Hut

This was one of the first places I ate at when I came to Chicago. It was the grill through the window piled high and the smell of fresh char broiled chicken grabbing at my nostrils and gently pulling me in through the door that did it.

Basically you get juicy chicken and either mashed potato with gravy or rice, and that is pretty much it. That is pretty much all that you need too.

Chicken Hut grill

The Chicken is simply seasoned and grilled well, so that it is still moist and the skin is nicely charred too. The place seems to be run by three guys who rotate through the key jobs of tossing the chicken on the grill, chopping the chicken, and putting a hot ladle of gravy into the mashed potato. They all also have a secondary job of  constantly watching soccer on the television in Spanish. The younger lad also seems to be in charge of drinking soda from the fountain drink. Tough job but someone has to do it.

half chicken

I had the half chicken special for $7.25 which included pita, salsa, mashed potato with gravy and a drink. It seems a strange combination but it all works well together.

This place is not really that close to the El, but it is only about a 15mins walk from the Belmont stop on the corner of Belmont and Broadway at 3200 N.

You could get the 77 bus down Belmont if you were so inclined.

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