Wishbone Northside – “Southern Reconstruction Cooking”

I didn’t see this sign until the way out but by then I had kind of worked out that the theme was slightly southern by the proliferation of southern styled specials on the menu such as jambalaya and poboys. Apparently ‘Southern Reconstruction Cooking’ means made-from-scratch traditional recipes with healthier ingredients for yankee tastes’. I suppose that is one up from deconstructing a meal which I always feel is a good excuse for knowing what all the ingredients are for a meal but not knowing how to put them together, but perhaps that is a little harsh.

Wednesday nights specials included a blackened shrimp poboy with a toasted garlic vinaigrette garnished with lettuce and onions with a sweet coleslaw, in a crusty french roll, it came with a side of  handcut fries. Ultimately the tasty dressing  and moist juicy shrimp  made it a most enjoyable snack.

Enough specials and options on the menu together with reasonable prices to make this place worth a return visit. Located at 3300 N. Lincoln Avenue about 10mins west of the Paulina Brown Line CTA El station. Website: http://www.wishbonechicago.com/

Wishbone on Urbanspoon

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