Cheesies Pub and Grill – great grilled cheese sandwiches

The old Cheesies shop front

“Call off the dogs  and tell your men to stand down”

The hunt for the best toasted cheese sandwich or grilled cheese as you like to call them may well be over. Cheesies Pub and Grill at 958 W Belmont Ave just yards from the the Belmont El is serving up ridiculously good cheese toasties. 

A chalkboard listing 7 regular star choices is supplemented by a monthly special. At just under 6 bucks its hard to go wrong.

 As a purist and cheese toastie officianado I felt obliged to go for the “Classic’ – American Cheese, Merkt’s Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Tomato and Ham on Texas Toast which comes with a Tomato Soup as a dipping sauce.

The Texas toast creeps up on you and half way through you suddenly find that this baby may beat you, but the cheesy loveliness mixed with the sweet bejesus of tomato soup just eggs you on to finish the plate knowing that the rich goodness will leave you feeling ever so slightly cheesily queasy, and that’s a good thing!

Dangerously it is apparantly open until 5am

You can reach this joint on the red or brown lines (purple at rush hour)

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