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The Chicken Hut in Belmont was and is one of my favourite places to eat at in Chicago. It is not fancy in any way, shape, or form, but it is very real and it is very honest. When I lived in the city I would come here every other week just to eat their Chicken plates, sometimes with rice and salsa, sometime with mash and gravy.

The key thing is that you can see the Chickens grilling away on the charcoal grill when you walk in, They have a constant stream of chicken flowing on to and off of that grill. When you order they spear one off the grill. It isn’t sitting waiting in some sort of warmer, it is there waiting on the coals for you as you walk in. Love it, love it A LOT.

On this latest trip back to Chicago I opted for the half chicken with a side of mash and gravy. There is a pot of spicy tomato relish to one side, and a couple of bits of pita bread too (just in case).

It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but trust me you get a LOT of chicken. My half was chopped into three bits, so I had the Breast on the bone, a leg and a wing piece to work my way through. The Chicken itself it really good, it is all pretty juicy as it comes fresh from that grill. I will be honest and say that the breast can be a bit less moist that the dark meat, but that is to be expected when you chop up the bird.

So Chicken Hut is located at 3200 N. Broadway on Belmont and Broadway

If you head towards the lake from the Belmont El Stop and keep on walking you will find this place 🙂

It is really a fantastic simple and humble spot!


This is one of those little places that you walk by and miss, but it has one feature to catch the eye a wood burning oven that faces the window.

Lets face it that is just cheating, once you see it you just know that you will have to go in there. It feels as though I should be having pizza in here, in fact the day I went in two cheerleader types were just scoffing down slice after slice with no apparent guilt, excellent. The pizza looked awesome.

but the chicken well it smelt great and I could see some of the beasts at the back of the wood oven which I hoped to be given the chance to save.

I had actually been drawn by a sign offering chicken at a crazy low price $6 for a 1/4 chicken, two sides, pita and a soda? OMG and once I realised that it was Brazilian Charbroiled Chicken, well I just had no excuses.


It did look good (the chicken that is), the skin all crispy and it tasted great, but sadly it was cold, the chickens in the oven were safe, all I got was some that they had chopped up and got bored of keeping warm which was a shame, the sides of corn and mash had the feeling that they came from a bag or a tin, if they made an effort well don’t bother next time, the corn was watery and the mash was lumpy, the tin foil was very shiny though, excellent for making into a hat to protect the head from alien contacts. I so wanted to love this, but although the flavour was great, it just all felt so careless, guess that it why it was a cheap low price, next time I am either walking by or getting a slice of pizza.

located amongst nail bars and such like at 926 Diversey Ave, by the Diversey Brown line el station


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