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Monks Pub Chicago

Monks Pub in Chicago established in 1969 is as old as myself and that was reason enough to head over to the Loop to seek it out for a pint and a bit of food. The other reason being to meet up with an old friend who was working downtown and was recommending the place.

I was told that it had some of the best burgers in town, now that has to be a challenge in itself and certainly something worth checking out. The burger itself is described on their menu as a “Half-pound certified Angus beef patty flame-broiled & served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato & onion”. I love an Angus beef burger and I also love a brioche buns so this was all sounding really good straight away.

Apparently one of the burgers to eat here is ‘The Chili Beer Cheeseburger’ but there were so many other great sounding toppings listed that I really wanted to try, what should I choose? The Maple Bacon Brisket was a front runner for a while the combination of “Certified Angus and brisket blend patty, pretzel bun, Vermont maple syrup, cheddar cheese, bacon, and grilled onion” was really tempting me. Another burger combination that stood a chance of making it all the way to my plate was The Bison which was described as a “Ground bison patty, pretzel bun, cheddar cheese, whiskey charred onions, and garlic mayo”

I was floundering as I read down the burger section of the menu!

“What is a hungry man to do?”, “Too much choice!”

Then it hit me smack bang in the face when I saw that they have a  burger topped with a fried egg. “Oh yes, come to papa!”

The Egg

The Egg Burger at Monks

There are no surprised for guessing the prime component of ‘The Egg’! This is essentially a burger topped with ‘Bacon, cheddar cheese & a sunny-side up egg’. It cod have been called the bacon, cheese, and egg burger, but I have to a say that apart from the excellent meat pattie, the star of the show is that soft yolked fried egg that drapes itself over the top of the burger and that once bitten into released it’s yellow delight over the whole beast. I love a fried egg on a burger, a love affair that started many moons ago when I first met this combination at Meatheads out in the burbs. It has been an ongoing somewhat guilty pleasure ever since.

The Egg Burger on the plate at Monks

As well as that egg you were treated with a bountiful handful of crispy smoked bacon strips and a big slice of cheddar cheese. I like the way that they present the burger here at Monks by serving it as an open faced sandwich. This way you can keep as much of the simple green salad, red onion, and sliced tomato as you care to chomp on. For my part I was just keeping about half of the lettuce as I really wanted to get a much of that bacon, cheese, and egg in your mouth which each bite of the burger.

This is a really good combination, hold on when I said good I meant exceptional combination. I fear that if I come back to dine here at Monks I will never actually get to try any of the other burger combinations as my heart will have been given to this one… Perhaps? perhaps? perhaps?

Monks pub is located at 205 West Lake Street, kind of on the corner of Lake and Wells. It is alongside the track of the elevated railway which rattles by overhead and the nearest stops are probably at Washington and Wells, or at Clark and Lake. It is close enough to see the train but a 5 minute walk to catch one. To be honest after eating on of the burgers, you will probably need that walk!

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Meatheads Burgers and Fries has been one of my favourite lunchtime spots in the suburbs, and the good news for the city dwellers is that a new one has opened up at North Center/Irving Park. I tend to frequent the joint in Northbrook. The other options are in Naperville or Schaumburg.

Meathead build your own menuMeathead with bacon fried egg and mushroom

I nearly always go for the build your own option, getting a basic 1/2 meathead patty and then adding sauteed mushrooms, applewood smoked bacon, and a fried egg. Basically a big yummy breakfast burger. As lunch tends to be around 11-11.30am it counts as brunch so breakfast items are all fair game. Even though meatheads is a small chain with a few resturants in the Chicago area it is still distinct enough to elevate it above the general burger joint.

Basic MenuChicken Meathead

Another popular choice off the general menu for those slightly healthier occasions is the Grilled Chicken. This goes well with avocado. The chicken is done very well here and is pretty juicy and often larger than the bun, so you have to be prepared to fight with the beast as you munch it for your lunch.

I am still in favour of the breakfast style meathead and would say that my grilled chicken to meathead ratio is about 1 in 5 visits.

When I said that you dont have to be a meathead to eat at meatheads I was referencing the stereotypical Meathead who pumps iron and is unaware of the majority of the English language usually using phrases such as “bro”, “dude”, and “sweet”, wearing sleeveless muscle shirt  and athletic shorts.

They do say that if you ever find yourself in a setting with multiple meat heads, be prepared for frequent high fives, chest bumps, and hand pounds. To be honest that may well be the typical response to having successfully eaten a Meatheads burger by the average diner.

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